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Please Note: There is no separate membership application for the NSABBA now. Membership is rolled into one and obtained the same time you enter a provincial show. The one exception to this is if you require an active NSABBA membership in order to enter a national event. In this case contact us directly.

NSABBA sanctioned contests are open to PERMANENT Nova Scotia residents only. Those temporarily residing in Nova Scotia for school, for example, are not eligible.

For provincial level contests we use our NSABBA rule sets directly below. Exception might include dropping or merging certain classes due to athlete counts.

Also below are mini-posters of the mandatory poses for each class:

Bikini Posing
Figure Posing
Mens Bodybuilding Posing
Mens Classic Physique Posing
Mens Physique Posing
Womens Physique Posing

[ Large format Bikini poses poster .PDF]
[ Large format Figure poses poster .PDF]
[ Large format Mens Bodybuilding poses poster .PDF]
[ Large format Mens Classic Physique poses poster .PDF]
[ Large format Mens Physique poses poster .PDF]
[ Large format Womens Physique poses poster .PDF]

Also note that as we are running a One-Show-Format for 2017 Provincials, the reference to prejudging and evening shows in the rules below will not be entirely accurate.

The IFBB rules cover a broader range and may include classes that we don't offer yet. They are here for information purposes only - please use NSABBA rules first. Also, please note the class name differences within the IFBB rulebooks. (ie. Body Fitness = Figure, Bikini Fitness = Bikini)

Official IFBB Rules for all Categories

For information regarding other events, [ email us ].

Funding for National Shows

Athletic funding is available for NSABBA athletes to assist with the financial burdens with competitions. We offer funding for IFBB/CBBF/NSABBA sanctioned events only (which generally applies to CBBF national events).

Please visit the [ Funding Application Page ] in order to apply.

Remember - Requests for funding must be received by the Executive committee 30 days prior to the National / International Event


Membership is included in the registration of a NS based contest (NS Provincials or NS Novice ECC), however, to compete in a non NSABBA (but CBBF sanctioned) event, such as the Atlantic Classic, you must be an active NSABBA member.

So again, you DO NOT NEED to purchase a membership for any NSABBA sanctioned show in the province. It is included with registration.

Click the PayPal link below to purchase membership or Interac eTransfer $20 to (provide us password in separate email).

NSABBA Qualification Tier

Now that the NSABBA has adopted another tier with the Provincial Qualifier (ECC) show, the qualification tier will stand as follows:

Provincial Qualifier to Provincials: Provincials to Next Provincials: Provincials to Nationals: Nationals to Nationals:
Please take note of the following rule that was recently adopted:

Those winning OVERALL titles at Provincial or Provincial Qualifier events are now forbidden from re-entering the same category (at same level) at future events.

For example - if one wins an OVERALL Bodybuilding title at Provincials then they are prohibited from competing in Bodybuilding at the Provicials. Same would apply for the Provincial Qualifer event - if, for example, a competitor wins Bikini OVERALL at the ECC then they are prohibited from competing in the Bikini division at future ECC events.

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