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Athletic funding is available for NSABBA athletes to assist with the financial burdens with competitions. We offer funding for IFBB/CBBF/NSABBA sanctioned events only (which generally applies to CBBF national events). The amount of funding can vary, depending on factors such as location of contest, number of athletes requesting, financial situation of association. Keep in mind that funding athletes is a big part of our mandate - we are here to assist our athletes with their goals!

National Team Track Suits are usually given to new National competitors. We will follow up with you regarding sizing on this.

To apply for funding you MUST fully complete the following form and click submit. All athletes requesting funding must be members in good standing and have abided by the NSABBA Code of Conduct.

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Have you followed the NSABBA Code of Conduct (below) and not received any warning of violation? Yes

NSABBA Code of Conduct:
All members including, but not limited to, bikini, bodybuilders, physique, figure and/or fitness athletes, shall realize that their conduct reflects on the good name of the sport of bikini, bodybuilding, physique, figure and/or fitness. As such all said members and/or competitors shall be held to the following standards/code of ethics:
  1. To fulfill their responsibility to society, to their coaches, to the officials and to the Board of Directors of the NSABBA
  2. To honour, dignify and support the sport of bikini, bodybuilding, physique, figure and/or fitness by competing in the best condition and to the best of their ability and by being in top shape when giving an exhibition or a seminar.
  3. To respect their opponents on equal terms in the spirit of friendly rivalry and good sportsmanship.
  4. To abide by the by-laws of the NSABBA and to respect the rules of competition and to observe them honestly in co-operation with the officials, organizers and Board of Directors.
  5. To accept the decisions of the officials in the spirit of good sportsmanship without descending to selfish recriminations, realizing that those decisions have been made honestly and objectively.
  6. To continue to strive for bodily perfection and correct moral principles.
  7. To not engage in any acts of bullying including, but not limited to, all acts of force, threat, harassment and/or coercion to abuse, intimidate, and/or aggressively dominate others.
  8. To honour the special trust conferred upon them by their participation in and by their representation of the NSABBA and their province at national and international events and to adhere to the standards of personal conduct expected of them.
  9. To recognize the value of bikini, bodybuilding, physique, body fitness, figure and/or fitness and to promote its future by serving as an example to inspire other people to participate.
  10. To co-operate with the officials and Board of Directors in the development of high standards, both moral and physical, for the sport of bikini, bodybuilding, physique, body fitness, figure and/or fitness and in the progressive furtherance of the objects of the NSABBA.
  11. To respect all members of the NSABBA including, but not limited to, the members of the Board of Directors and not to commit any acts of slander and/or libel against any member or members of the NSABBA including, but not limited to, the members of the Board of Directors. For greater certainty, any inquiries pertaining to officiating and/or the operation of the NSABBA should be sent privately to the Board of Directors and/or properly tabled at the General Assembly and not publicly displayed including, but not limited to, posting comments on web sites and/or in public places.

How have you demonstrated values that align with the NSABBA? / Why do you think we should consider funding you?

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