Board Code of Ethics

CBBF Bylaw 15.1 Athlete Code of Ethics is the governing code of conduct and is followed by all provincial association members that form the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation. The full document can be located on www.cbbf.ca.

Key Principles of the Association Code of Conduct

From the Athlete Code of Ethics, the NSABBA has derived key principles that guide the NSABBA in conducting responsible business on behalf of the membership.
  1. Act ethically and professionally
  2. Be open and trustworthy in all financial reporting and public disclosure
  3. Avoid conflicts between personal interests and the interests of the NSABBA/CBBF/IFBB
  4. To honour, dignify and support the sport of bikini, bodybuilding, physique, body fitness, figure and/or fitness by providing current information relevant to the sport in a timely manner
  5. To recognize the value of the sport by promoting and provide the venue to compete at the provincial level for all members to achieve the personal goal of competition
Discipline of Members

The board shall have the authority to suspend or expel any member from the Society for any one or more of the following grounds.
  1. Violating any provision of the articles, by-laws, or written policies of the Society
  2. Carrying out any conduct which may be detrimental to the Society as determined by the board in its sole discretion
  3. Any other reason that the board in its sole and absolute discretion considers to be reasonable, having regard to the purpose of the Society
In the event that the board determines that a member should be expelled or suspended from membership in the Society, the president, or such other officer as may be designated by the board, shall provide twenty (20) day’s notice of suspension or expulsion to the member and shall provide reasons for the proposed or expulsion. The member may make written submissions to the president, or such other officer as may be designated by the board, in response to the notice received within such twenty (20) day period. In the event that no written submissions are received by the president, the president or such other officer as may be designated by the board may proceed to notify the member that the member is suspended or expelled from membership in the Society. If written submissions are received in accordance with this section, the board will consider such submissions in arriving at a final decision and shall notify the member concerning such final decision within a further twenty (20) days from the date of receipt of the submissions. The board’s decision shall be final and binding on the member, without any further right of appeal.

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