NSABBA Competition Rules & Regulations

Please read carefully and keep for reference:
  1. All competitors must be members of the NSABBA.
  2. Banned Poses:
    a) "Moon Pose" - use of this pose will result in loss of points.
    b) Posing while lying prone or supine on the floor will result in loss of points.
  3. Please ensure that the music is the FIRST AND ONLY TRACK on the CD. Routine must not be longer than 60 seconds, timed from the start of music. Make sure you have a spare CD with you on contest day. Couples (if available) have 2 minutes for posing routines. Fitness competitors have 90 seconds.

    ** Please ensure CD is recorded in CD-AUDIO format (not .mp3 or .wav ISO "data" CD)

    Additional note: Music containing profanity will NOT be allowed or tolerated during routines at any NSABBA contest. As the contest IS a family show, consequences of doing this will be more severe now. Any athlete that disobeys this rule and is found to have profanity in their music routine will be IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED. No exceptions.
  4. Posing suits must meet IFBB standards Thong suits or suits with the bottoms pulled up will not be permitted. Any athlete who wears a posing suit that allows the buttocks or pelvic area to be excessively exposed will lose points. The competitor number tag must be worn on the left side of the suit bottoms.

    Please refer to the category specific documents for detailed suit rules: www.nsabba.com/info.shtml

    ** Fitness competitors' costumes and props must be approved by the Chief Judge at weigh-in.
    ** Figure & Bikini competitors must bring all shoes and suits to weigh-in.
  5. Regarding nails, jewelry, and make-up please refer to the category specific rules: www.nsabba.com/info.shtml
  6. Competitors may NOT use oil during the pre-judging. All aerosol spray oils, including vegetable oils such as Pam, are NOT PERMITTED TO BE USED AT ANY TIME IN THE BACKSTAGE AREA. THE REBECCA COHN IS SCENT-FREE. "HOT STUFF" IS BANNED, ANYONE CAUGHT WITH IT WILL BE REMOVED.
  7. Any competitor wishing to absent themselves from the finals must obtain permission from the Head Judge at least ½ hour prior to the show or face suspension from all future NSABBA and CBBF events.
  8. Evening Show Only (Finals): Following the individual posing routines, only the Top 5 competitors will be called out for comparisons and trophy presentations.
  9. ONLY COMPETITORS WILL BE PERMITTED BACKSTAGE. Competitors will need the identification provided to competitors at the weigh-in to go backstage or to watch the pre-judging. No unauthorized persons (including family, friends, and coaches) will be permitted backstage. Competitors will not be allowed in the theatre during the evening show without a ticket.
  10. Eating is permitted backstage or in the lobby, but not in the theatre. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere in the building.
  11. Contest Hotel: Competitors will be responsible for any dye-stained sheets / towels and / or room damage.
  12. Pre-Judging: Commences at 9:00 a.m. Competitors MUST be backstage by 8:30 a.m. The sequence of classes will be announced at the Competitors Meeting Friday evening.
  13. Finals: Commence at 6:00 p.m. Competitors MUST be backstage at 5:30 p.m. It is suggested that competitors have the following with them on contest day:
    1. posing oil
    2. clean towel
    3. spare posing suit
    4. food and water
    5. spare music
    6. needle & thread, double sided tape or posing suit glue
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