NSABBA - 2017 East Coast Classic - Step 1 (Info)

2017 East Coast Classic - Step 1 (Info)

There are THREE steps to follow in order to successfully register for the East Coast Classic:

Step 1 - READ the contest information below!
Step 2 - REGISTER for the contest (You can proceed to Step 3 if you've already registered)
Step 3 - PAY for your registration

Emails to us with questions already answered below will experience a slow response time.

Contest Information

Note that the deadline to enter is Friday, November 10th, 2017 - ALL entries received following that WILL be subject to a $100 late entry fee.


Weigh-In & Competitors Briefing: Friday, November 24, 2017
  • 5:00pm - 6:00pm: Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm: Open registration.

    By "open registration" we mean that all competitors can register in that open time period from 6-9pm and are not required to register "by class". However, give yourself ample time to allow for any issue (suits, etc). Competitor numbers will be assigned prior to registration to speed up process.
Location (of AGM and Weigh-In):

Please make sure you bring the following with you to the weigh-in:
  1. Proof of NS Residency! (NS Health Card)
  2. Posing Suit(s) must be worn for Head Judge's approval
    1. Fitness - All suits, shoes and props must be present
    2. Figure - Suit and shoes must be present
    3. Bikini - Suit and shoes must be present
  3. Ball-point pen
  4. Proof of Address (driver's license, etc.)
  5. Your posing music.
  6. Late Entry Fee (if not pre-registered)


One Show Format but split into 2 segments.
Saturday 10am - start time for Figure/Physique/Classic Physique.
Saturday 6pm - start time for Bikini/Bodybuilding.

Tickets: Available through the venue website at www.spatztheatre.ca when available. The NSABBA has no connection to ticket sales or box office.

* Competitors will be instructed on what time(s) to report to backstage area at the registration.

Contest Posing Music

Those athletes requiring posing music for routines may hand in at the registration (on USB stick or CD) or email it to us as an attachment using the address below. Be sure that you send only ONE file with ONE music track of the correct length. For bodybuilding/womens physique/classic physique it must be a maximum of 60 seconds. Fitness routines are a maximum of 90 seconds.

CLEARLY indicate your name and anticipated class in the email.


Contest Photos/Videos

A professional photographer will be available to take your contest photos. Other photographers are prohibitted from taking photos at the event and the venue will enforce this rule.

Contest Video: Contests may be digitally filmed and available shortly afterwards.

Contest Tanning

Our official contest spray-tanning team is available for your spraytan needs and will get you stage-ready.

Contest Tanner: On Facebook or www.elitesporttan.com

Contest Hotel


Noteworthy Documents

Contest Rules and Regulations | The On-Stage Look


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