Special COVID-19 Briefing

The Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF) in conjunction with IFBB Elite Pro Canada would like to announce that collectively, we have decided to withdraw any consideration of hosting IFBB International Qualifiers and IFBB Elite Pro show Events in Canada for 2020 due to the existing worldwide concerns of the COVID – 19 (corona virus).

The current uncertainty of the spread / control of the COVID-19 (corona virus) puts our organizations in a complex situation in planning any such events due to the clear participation of International Athletes Worldwide. These athletes are required to have a successful event.

With the rapid cancellation of major conventions and international participation events this decision while not popular is practical in not taking any risks.

The CBBF Nationals events will continue as planned unless local or Federal notices are received.

June 6th 2020 – International IFBB Events Qualifier, Toronto, ON August 22nd 2020 – Canadian Nationals – Open series, Calgary, AB

We will also support and promote the IFBB Physique America – Miami Grand-Prix Elite Pro Qualifier and Elite Pro events that remain on schedule. www.IFBB.com for all details.

We hope that this notice allows athletes enough lead way in making necessary adjustments to their planned schedules and we wish everyone a safe and successful competitive season.

Official CBBF Release

2018 NS Provincial Championships / International Events Qualifier Results

NS Provincial Championships:

Men's Bodybuilding Overall: Ashwood Turnquest
Men's Physique Overall: Thomas Lynden
Figure Overall: Suzanne Coggins
Bikini Overall: Rachel Claire

[ Full Results ]

International Events Qualifier:

Figure Overall: Suzanne Coggins
Bikini Overall: Teresa Demmings

[ Full Results ]

2017 East Coast Classic Results

Results are in for the 2017 East Coast Classic. We have 5 new overall champions who are now Provincially qualified for life in their categories:

Men's Bodybuilding Overall: Jim Nauss
Men's Physique Overall: Zikomo Jardine
Men's Classic Physique Overall: Sylvain Jacquard
Figure Overall: Samantha Lowe
Bikini Overall: Amber Tobin

[ Full Results ]

Open Letter to all CBBF Members

The Canadian Body Building Federation (CBBF) supports Canadian amateur athletes.

In 1946, Ben and Joe Weider founded the IFBB International (IFBB) in Montreal, Canada along with the Canadian Federation of Bodybuilding (now called Canadian Bodybuilding Federation). The CBBF and its provincial affiliates have supported Canadian amateur athletes for over 70 years by providing athlete education, training seminars, funding programs, judging seminars and a robust calendar of tiered
competitive events nation-wide.

On September 17th, 2017, the IFBB announced that it no longer sanctioned the National Physique Association (NPC), the US equivalent to the CBBF, and its parent company, the IFBB Pro League. On October 22nd, 2017 Ron Hache, President of the CBBF/IFBB affiliate Ontario Physique Association (OPA), announced that he had been appointed President of a newly formed organization, the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA), which has ties to these US companies. He went on to state that the OPA would be withdrawing their membership from the CBBF and transferring the organization to the newly formed CPA. This was decided without a vote of the OPA membership. Understandably, this announcement has caused confusion in the industry and the future of the sport in Canada.

The CBBF operates under the IFBB International (Amateur Federation) in Canada. The CBBF will continue to sanction their three National Events. In 2018, these events are the IFBB International Events Qualifier on May 19th in Laval QC, the Bikini, Men's Bodybuilding & Classic Physique Nationals on July 14th in Laval QC and the Women's Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness & Physique Nationals (date to be determined). Each of these events will be awarding Elite Pro Cards for the IFBB Elite Pro Division. In addition, the CBBF will continue to provide funding for athletes to the three IFBB World Championship events held internationally.

The CBBF remains committed to Canadian Amateur athletes. What is important is for athletes to know and understand is what these changes mean for 2018 and beyond.


Allowing athletes to crossover into multiple divisions is a cash grab that's not in athletes'

Non-Profit vs For Profit organizations

The CBBF is a registered non-profit sport association incorporated under the Canadian Corporations Act. It is member-based and governed by a Board of Directors. The CBBF operates under a strong governance model with rules and regulations and a mandate to work in the best interests of its members, the athletes.

The CPA is a for-profit based organization that is owned by shareholders. It is not required to operate within set guidelines and rules nor does it have a governance structure. The CPA can make the rules as it sees fit and to the benefit of the shareholder(s) and owner(s) of the company. It is not a membership based

Canadian athletes should not be impacted by a lack of understanding of how these seemingly complicated and, perhaps to some, unimportant nuances. The dream of a pro card and the Olympia may be short-sighted as it won't be until afterwards that athletes will realize the implications of their choice.

Misleading Information on Social Media: Truths, half-truths and untruths

Statements made during the CPA presentation by Ron Hache did not present a clear picture of both organizations. There are many questions that remain unanswered. The information below will clear up some of the confusion created in recent weeks. The CBBF is committed to transparency and full disclosure by supporting Canadian amateur athletes with information that will assist them in making the decision that is right for them.

The following statements were made in the CPA presentation on Sunday October 22nd:

Statement 1: The CBBF can no longer offer IFBB Pro Cards:


The IFBB International suspended the NPC/IFBB Pro League therefore the pro cards under this organization are no longer available to CBBF athletes. The IFBB International awards the IFBB Elite Pro Card. This card entitles Elite Pro athletes to compete and be ranked amongst the top athletes in the world.

All current Canadian IFBB Pro League cardholders can attain an IFBB Elite Pro Card with no membership fee in in 2017 thru 2018 season. For further information on converting your current IFBB pro card to an IFBB Elite Pro Card, contact the CBBF.

Statement 2: There is no competition structure of the IFBB Elite Pro league in North America


Currently, there are three IFBB Elite Pro shows in Canada as well as one scheduled for the US in 2018. Qualifying events for the Elite Pro Level are the International Event Qualifier and the two CBBF National events. In addition to the shows in Canada, qualified CBBF athletes are free to travel internationally to compete at Elite Pro qualifiers around the world.

Statement 3: A membership-based system will be in place for the New CPA


A for-profit organization, such as the CPA, is a business and is not membership based in the sense that Canadian athletes are accustomed to. The "membership" is a fee to join the CPA that entitles an athlete to compete but there are no voting rights associated with the fee. Members of the CPA will not have a vote or a say in how the CPA is run. All CPA shows are promoter driven, with no organizational structure or athlete support from the CPA.

In contrast, the CBBF and its Provincial affiliates are not-for-profit organizations. Members of a provincial association can exercise their right to vote if they do not like the direction their association is taking. They can also rely on support in terms of education, funding and opportunities to compete regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Statement 4: CPA competitors can cross to all divisions.


As with the NPC, the CPA will allow athletes to compete in more than one division (i.e., an athlete can compete in bikini and figure and physique and bodybuilding all in one show). This is a pay-to-play format that does not benefit the competitor. It is a CPA business decision to exploit athletes and not in the best interests of the competitors. The benefactors are the promoters and ultimately the shareholders of the CPA. The result of this decision leads to unclear judging criteria for each division with in the CPA.

The CBBF does not allow crossovers between divisions. There is a different look required for each division. Competitors are judged fairly in the class and division to which they belong. The CBBF's mandate is to support amateur sport in Canada and it does not profit from athletes.

Statement 5: The CPA's initial plan was to allow any competitor to compete at pro-qualifiers regardless of their qualifications. This decision has been reversed. There is now a qualification structure in the CPA.


Due to most of the provincial associations committing their support to the CBBF, it was evident to the CPA that their business model had to change to compete with the solidarity. This was a CPA business decision, not a decision made in the best interests of the athletes.

Additional important information the CBBF wants to share:

The desired outcome of this letter is to give athletes the information required to make their own decision. Athletes may choose one organization over the other or choose to compete in both. The important message is that the CBBF is a national organization with international support. Athletes have a choice.

International events worldwide are only open to qualified IFBB Amateur athletes. CPA athletes' placings will not qualify for these events. These events include but are not limited to the Ben Weider Legacy Cup (multiple locations around the world), Arnolds (multiple locations around the world) and the 2019 Olympic Pan American Games.

The CBBF is committed to providing:

  1. Athlete education
  2. Training & posing seminars
  3. Funding programs through Provincial Associations and the CBBF
  4. Judging seminars and a judging pool that consists of judges across Canada.
  5. Qualified, certified International judging pool for Elite Pro events worldwide.In contrast, the CPA offers handpicked judges and is controlled by the NPC's needs driven process and business model.

The CBBF is fortunate to have many good people throughout Canada that are supportive of its mandate. We are a committed team, providing leadership to amateur athletes in Canada. The CBBF will weather the changes and challenges in front of us.

Together, with the support of our Provincial Associations, the CBBF will continue to provide a valuable option for Canadian amateur athletes competing regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

The CBBF - Putting Our Athletes First

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2017 NS Provincial Championships Results

2017 Provincials
Results are in for the 2017 Provincial Championships. We have 5 new overall champions who are now nationally qualified for life in their categories:

Men's Bodybuilding Overall: Aaron Ivany
Men's Physique Overall: Denique Scott
Men's Classic Physique Overall: Taylor Comeau
Figure Overall: Danielle Stewart
Bikini Overall: Mackenzie Corkum

[ Full Results ]

2017 NSABBA Provincials Program

2016 East Coast Classic

East Coast Classic
The 2016 East Coast Classic results are in. Congrats to those who hit the stage for the first time and also to those returning. As detailed below, Top 5 competitors from the ECC get an automatic pass to the 2017 Provincial Championships being held on April 15th, 2017.

Men's Bodybuilding Overall: Geoff Vacon
Men's Physique Overall: Greg Ofomah
Men's Classic Physique Overall: Taylor Comeau
Figure Overall: Katia Callegari
Bikini Overall: Tiffany Laing

The East Coast Classic (Provincial Qualifier) was open to qualified members and as such, permanent residents of NS ONLY. This does not include students temporarily residing in the province. Students not permanently residing in NS must compete with the association that governs their native province. A Nova Scotia health card is acceptable proof of residency and WILL be requested at the weigh-in this year.

Any questions on the contest itself (unrelated to qualifications or registration) should be forwarded to the Contest Promotor at EastCoastClassic2016@gmail.com.

Contest Results

NSABBA Qualification Tier

Now that the NSABBA has adopted another tier with the Provincial Qualifier (ECC) show, the qualification tier will stand as follows:

Provincial Qualifier to Provincials: Provincials to Next Provincials: Provincials to Nationals: Nationals to Nationals:
Please take note of the following rule that was recently adopted:

Those winning OVERALL titles at Provincial or Provincial Qualifier events are now forbidden from re-entering the same category (at same level) at future events.

For example - if one wins an OVERALL Bodybuilding title at Provincials then they are prohibited from competing in Bodybuilding at the Provicials. Same would apply for the Provincial Qualifer event - if, for example, a competitor wins Bikini OVERALL at the ECC then they are prohibited from competing in the Bikini division at future ECC events.

Posing Clarifications

Please take a moment to check out these documents if you are a Men's Physique or Women's Bikini competitor. Questions come up regarding proper posing so hopefully these docs will help clarify.

[ Men's Physique Posing Info ]
[ Women's Bikini Posing Info ]

Note regarding Atlantics

To compete in a non NSABBA (but CBBF sanctioned) event, such as the Atlantic Classic, you must be an active NSABBA member. Membership can be purchased for $20 - PayPal link is in the info/rules section.

Note that you do NOT need to purchase a membership if registering for the NSABBA Provincials - it's included with the contest entry fee.

2016 NS Provincial Championships Results

2016 Provincials
Well, the 2016 NSABBA Provincials have come and gone and it felt like a tremendous success overall. The one-show format was a hit all around, and ran from about 10:15am-5:45pm. We have 5 new overall champions who are now nationally qualified for life in their categories:

Men's Bodybuilding Overall: Jerrico Gray
Men's Physique Overall: Matthew Fox
Men's Classic Physique Overall: Tyler Doucette
Figure Overall: Rebecca Poole
Bikini Overall: Ceci Nguyen
Men's Best Poser: Jerrico Gray
Women's Best Poser: Debbie Fury

[ Full Results ]

2016 NSABBA Provincials Program

Funding for National Shows

Athletic funding is available for NSABBA athletes to assist with the financial burdens with competitions. We offer funding for IFBB/CBBF/NSABBA sanctioned events only (which generally applies to CBBF national events).

Please visit the [ Funding Application Page ] in order to apply.

Remember - Requests for funding must be received by the Executive committee 30 days prior to the National / International Event

Membership for out-of-province shows

Membership is included in the registration of a NS based contest (NS Provincials or NS Novice ECC), however, to compete in a non NSABBA (but CBBF sanctioned) event, such as the Atlantic Classic, you must be an active NSABBA member.

So again, you DO NOT NEED to purchase a membership for any NSABBA sanctioned show in the province. It is included with registration.

Click the PayPal link below to purchase membership or Interac eTransfer $20 to nsabba@nsabba.com (provide us password in separate email).

2015 NSABBA Novice Show (East Coast Classic)

Results are online and photos are coming shortly!

Full Contest Results

NSABBA Athlete Funding for National Shows

The NSABBA supports Nova Scotia's athletes as they strive to pursue excellence and achieve success at the highest national / international level in the sports of Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness and Bikini. Funding amounts are determined yearly by the NSABBA Executive committee based on the amount of athletes wishing to compete at the National, International Level. Please review the funding criteria below to assist you in determining your possible eligibility.
All funding / national track suits are provided to the athlete at the National Event registration / weigh-in.

* Any member wishing to compete at any sanctioned event must have a current NSABBA membership. Please note that all memberships lapse December 31st of each year. NSABBA Memberships dues can be deducted from athlete funding where applicable.

2015 Provincial Championships

The results for the 2015 Provincials are now online with top honors going to:

Full Contest Results

New CBBF Leadership

We'd like to take this time to make a very special announcement. As some of your may have read, the CBBF president recently stepped down leaving that position vacant. Our very own NSABBA President of 15 years, Georgina Dunnington, has been chosen to take on this prestigious role! With Georgina stepping up that means she has to leave us for the time being. From the entire board, we congratulate you and wish you well on this leap forward!

We also want to make a special mention regarding two other very special people that have decided to step down, Steve Belding and Christina Belding. Some of you may already know but if not, it should be known that the father/daughter Belding team are co-founders of the NSABBA and have been here since the very beginning. 30+ years. Amazing - thank you, both, for helping get this party started

If there ever was a time for a standing ovation, it's now!

With these changes above, a change in the NSABBA is now necessary. Effective immediately, the following changes will be made to the NSABBA executive board structure:

President: Darren McKeigan
Vice Presidents: Shira Rubin / Leah Johnson
Treasurer/Secretary: Janelle Samson
Head Judge: Karen MacLean

We have one hell of a team so we're confident we'll have great success in the future!

2014 Canadian Nationals Results in ANOTHER NS Pro

New IFBB Pro - Chris Johnson New IFBB Pro:
  Chris Johnson
Nova Scotia's own Chris Johnson was recently awarded his IFBB pro card at the recently held Canadian Nationals held in Edmonton, AB. We would all like to congratulate him on his well-deserved achievement of winning the Masters Physique Overall class.

Chris is a well-respected veteran competitor and now joins the fine group of many other Nova Scotia IFBB pros.
We'd also like to congratulate the numerous other NS athletes that placed VERY well at the same Nationals.

Ann-Marie Flinn: 1st place Grandmasters Figure, 5th place Figure C
Peter Kennedy: 2nd place Physique Masters B, 14th place Physique B
Charles Ackerman: 16th place Physique B
Spencer Andrews: 16th place Physique C
Jodi Livingston: 3rd place Fitness A
Amanda Morrison: 2nd place Figure E
Marcia Olsen: 7th place Masters Figure D
Rebecca Evans: 13th place Bikini C
Becky Macintyre: 10th place Bikini D

Advertisement / Sponsorship

Are you interested in sponsoring a trophy class at the Provincial Championships or perhaps an advertisement spot in the program? Sponsorship funding goes directly towards running the championship shows and assisting athletes with future competitions (nationally and beyond). Advertisement opportunities start as low as $50. Please [ contact us ] if interested.

Important Announcement Regarding CBBF Affiliation

Any CBBF member who is found to be working with or promoting organizations not recognized by the IFBB/NPC/CBBF has contravened its rules and/or by laws and may be subject to disciplinary measures.

Professional athletes, judges, and officials from organizations not recognized by the IFBB/NPC/CBBF shall not be permitted to participate in or to promote their organizations in any capacity at CBBF or CBBF sanctioned events or those events conducted by CBBF affiliates.

Announcement Concerning Music

Please note that music containing profanity will NOT be allowed or tolerated during routines at any NSABBA contest. As the contest IS a family show, consequences of doing this will be more severe now. Any athlete that disobeys this rule and is found to have profanity in their music routine will be IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED. No exceptions.

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